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With EA giving us the option to name our toys now, I really wanted something for my toddler and kid sims to play and connect with. The toys that came w/ the original sims game were just getting old to me... So, I created this collection which includes interactive Beanie Boo's for your sim kids to hug and play with OR just to use for decoration.

Seeing these adorb little stuffed animals in your toddlers, child or teens bedroom makes things look so much more realistic and their rooms take on a newer practical vibe! I love them and I hope you will too! Please refer to 'CC Details' below for all the info on what this cool little interactive set can do! ENJOY!

This Set Includes:

  • Beanie Boo's Huggable Unicorn (2 Swatches)

  • Beanie Boo's Huggable Mandy The Blue Poodle

  • Beanie Boo's Huggable Bamboo Panda

  • Beanie Boo Hermion & Pixie Uni Toy (2 Swatches)

  • Beanie Boo's Rainbow Hamster Toy

  • Beanie Boo Moonlight Owl Toy (3 Swatches)

  • Beany Boo River Wolf Deco

  • Beanie Boo Moonlight Owl Deco (3 Swatches)

  • Beanie Boo Shoe Deco (5 Swatches)

  • Beanie Boo Puffies Collection (3 Swatches) ​​​



This Set Is Available On Patreon!



  • HUGGABLE BEANIE BOO'S: The large Beanie Boo's labeled 'Huggable' are interactive and can be played with, hugged and talked to by toddlers and children.

  • INTERACTIVE BEANIE BOO TOYS: The toys included in this set are interactive and can be played with by toddlers and children. Toys can also be placed in inventory for later.

  • This Set Is Base Game Compatible.

  • CUSTOM THUMBNAILS: You can easily find these two sculptures in the 'sculptures' category w/ custom thumbnails to make it easy to find.

  • Want to resize? Hit Shift+ ] or [ to make sculptures bigger or smaller!

  • All meshes were created by ME (Simmin' My Best Life)

  • You shouldn't have any issues w/ this item (other than the issue I listed above), but if you do, please let me know!


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